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Guide for use of quartz glass products
Guide for use of quartz glass products

1 Cleaning and Drying:

Quartz glass products should be clean before use. Use high pure water or alcohol to remove dirt, grease, or stains. Serious dirt and glass which would be used or reprocessed at high temperature, should use detergent to wash, and then cleaned by high pure water, dried immediately. It must be dried in a clean and dustless environment or in special drying equipment, to avoid being polluted again.

●How to prepare and use the detergent commonly used:

Water down the 40% of hydrofluoric acid in the proportion 1:2~3.

Lie the quartz glass in the acid solution for 5~10 minutes, then clean it with deionized water 3~5 times, and dry it for use.

2 Transport and Storage:

Quartz glass products after cleaning must be packed with clean packing materials or use them immediately. Wearing sanitary cotton gloves instead of with your bare hands when touch the products. Use materials with high strength, quake-proof and excellent buffering performance for making packages. As this is a brittle glass material, be very careful when packing, transporting, storing, and using to prevent from collision.

3 Precautions:

When quartz glass products being used in a medium containing alkaline metal or alkaline earth, as well as in vapor or oxidation environment, recrystallization will be accelerated, and the products’ lifetime will be affected.

When quartz glass products being used intermittently and circularly at high temperature, after one use, the cooling down temperature must be kept above 300°C until the next heating process, in order to prevent the cristobalite crystalloid already generated from transitions, which will break the products.

When quartz glass of large and thick sizes, or irregular shapes being used or retreated, please be careful not to heat up or cool down too quick, to prevent burst.

Thick glass would be a good choice when a force compels at a high temperature.

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